2MP LPR High Speed Box Camera, 2/3” Image Sensor, Global Shutter
  • 主な特長
  • LPR high speed box camera
  • Full HD1080P @50fps
  • 2/3" Image sensor
  • Global shutter
  • Support -20°C ~ 60°C /-4°F ~ 140°F
  • Lens optional
データシート (PDF)

NCb-231 is the new Box type NexCam with extremely clear image which is specificly for LPR/ANPR applications. It uses 2/3" Full HD progressive scan CMOS image sensor and Global Shutter for having exellent performance under low light environment and the object is high speed moving. Users can analyze the image easily and raise up the recognization. Thus, NCb-231 is the most appropriate solution for your traffic surveillance system.


Global Shutter
Global Shutter feature means that all pixels of the array are exposed simultaneously, thus enabling "freeze frame" capture of fast moving or fast changing events and in this respect. With this feature, NCb-231 can provide the image without spatial distortion and enhance the intelligibility when the object over 200km (124miles).


1080P @ 30 fps
NCb-231 supports high-performance H.264/MJPEG compression technology and offers extra smooth video at up to 30fps in 1080p. Furthermore, Video ROI[Region Of Interest] function reduce bandwidth and storage requirement, providing users with the best option in bandwidth flexibility and storage efficiency.


Rich I/O
NCb-231 Rich I/O allows the users to have the advantages when connecting essential external devices such as audio jack, micro SD cardslot, flash strobe out and IR strobe out in order to achieve the best performance for any critical environments. It also allows the users to use Digital Input and Digital output for the applications such as alarm system.

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