8MP 180° Multi Image Sensor Camera
  • 主な特長
  • High Resolution 180°Coverage
  • Smart IR distance effective up to 30M
  • Single IP Address Output for ease of integration with VMS

NCp-501 and NCp-201 are new multisensor panoramic cameras to offer four sensors for a total high resolution 20MP and 8MP. NCp-501 and NCp-201 can provide 180°coverage with fix-focus lens to capture excellent images. Especially, they are built-in Smart IR function with IR distance effective up to 30 meter (89ft). It is available inoutdoor using scenario and suitable for building/hospital/public transportation/parks/tourist attractions surveillance solutions.



H.264++ is the latest next generation of video compression technology. This technology could reduce bandwidth to perform excellentvideo compression rate with lower storage consumption. Comparing the traditional H.264, this new technology can save over 50% data flowloading. This helps to enhance IP camera total systemperformancedramatically.


Smart IR (with SR LEDs)

NCp-501 and NCp-201 are built-in IR to provide clear image output at night. Smart IR is superior to the traditional IR by automatically adjusting IR output in response to the distance of the object in view. This will avoid object over-exposure commonly seen in cameras using traditional IR functions. Using SR LEDs, it provides several advantages including a clearer view on the edge of images, 75% energy cut, five times longer lifetime, and smaller in size, compared to cameras using convention IR LEDs.


Single IP Address Output

NCp-501 and NCp-201 are combined with 4 camera modules to offer one single IP Address output. This feature benefits for clients saving more cost to integrate with VMS, no extra license fee would be charged.

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