Self-ordering Kiosk Brings Revenue

Self-ordering Kiosk Brings Revenue
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The age of the restaurant self-service kiosks has dawned, and it's the end of fast food as we know it. Self-Ordering Kiosk is striding into the 21st century with the rollout of the "Create Your Taste" touchscreen kiosks, on which custom Food and Beverage can be built as well as full-menu ordering. The kiosks are incredibly convenient and improve order accuracy.


NEXCOM Restaurant Kiosk Solutions include KPPC (Kiosk Panel PC) series for self-service, KDS, self-ordering, queuing applications. NPT (NEXCOM POS Terminal) series are for POS terminal, food & beverage QSR, restaurant, hospitality and CVS retail stores.


Kiosk Panel PC KPPC-1812 is the next generation Kiosk Panel PC. It will help you to build a smart future-proof kiosk that can evolve with changing needs of retail and hospitality industries. Based on Intel® Celeron® J1900 processor, the KPPC-1812 can power multimedia contents for advertising and enable multiple ways of user interaction for self-servicing. The KPPC-1812 is designed with expansion flexibility and ease-of-use and maintenance and can maximize kiosk uptime and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for users.


The NPT-1562 is a high value Point-of-Sale (POS) hardware solution designed to fulfill your POS hardware requirements. The quiet fanless design offers low power consumption and minimal maintenance. To reduce maintenance time and costs it comes with a removable HDD, MSR, fingerprint and VFD kit. The DC-12V output provides sufficient power for a second display from the POS terminal, as well as providing better cable routing and high-integration. The small footprint is ideal for installations where space is limited.


The VESA mounting design of the Display Head, is only 100x100mm and provides an option for wall-mounting when detached from its stand. It is also spill resistant and offers a high degree of integration for POS peripherals, thereby ensuring continuous operation in restaurant and retail conditions.

The NEXCOM NDiS B426 designed for interactive signage applications can equip the kiosk with video chatting function to help customers obtain assistance from online customer services, and run special promotions and advertisements on a 4K display.Moreover, equipped with discrete NVIDIA graphics, the NDiS B426 can perform intense image processing for in-store analytics,offering science-based shopper behavior and store performance analysis with crystal clear insights.


The KPPC-1812 is the next generation Smart Kiosk Panel PC Platform. In the modern retail environment, you need to provide a friendly, efficient and easy-to-use Kiosk Solution for customers. So it can quickly build intelligent kiosks in convenience stores, way finding kiosks in shopping malls and self-ordering kiosks in fast food restaurants to fulfill different retail and hospitality applications. Its modular design for peripherals and swappable mainboard and HDD tray will easily integrate the different requirements and reduce maintenance costs.


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