Mini-ITX マザーボード

Mini-ITX MB is equipped with Intel® platforms, ranging from low-power to high-performance processors. Based on the Intel® Atom™ and Core™ processors, NEXCOM Mini-ITX MBs provide excellent computing capabilities for large and sophisticated systems.

製品 型式 CPU チップセット LAN/ IDE/ SATA/ CF 拡張
b736c50b-3e7e-4afc-8a3a-83812fc42b15 NEX 609 (販売終了) 3rd Gen.
Intel® Core™
HM76 2/ 0/ 4/ 0 1 x PCIe x16
2 x PCI x1 edge
golden finger
b09712de-210b-49ac-adf7-ab7ec40173ff NEX 614B 6th/7th
Intel® Core™
H110 2/ 0/ 2/ 0 2 x mini PCIe
1 X PCIe x1
01737a64-9d08-4f87-8a62-67d16df6d46d NEX 618 12th /13th Gen
Intel® Core™
Q670 2/0/2/0 1 x PCIe x16
1 x M.2 Key B
1 x M.2 Key M
2fa670a6-d3c3-4a38-9266-891148eb3927 NEX 619   new-blank.gif 12th/13th
Intel® Core™
H610 2/0/2/0 1* M.2 E key
1* M.2 B key
1* PCIe
ef29d74c-8b69-447f-b536-d919bc331ca0 NEX 650-ADU Atom™ J1900 - 2/ 0/ 2/ 0 1 x mini-PCIe
1 x mSATA
1 x PCIe x1
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