Education Robot Solution (EOL)

Industrial robot is one of the key topics of Industry 4.0 and gradually plays significant role in various manufacturing fields. Education of industrial robots, however, is far behind from what the trend has become. NexCOBOT, as a promoter of open and modular robots address this problem and presents NexROBA Educational Solution. MiniBOT Training Package and Robot Development Package are provided to meet both educational and research purposes in school.

製品 型式 Robot Body Payload Controller EtherCAT Drive
00d09cc6-ae93-41e0-bf0a-dfb96e4b7f6d Articulated Robot Solution 6-axis
5kg NET3600E-GMC Sanyo Denki
PB Series x 6
a7e3619b-fcf3-4295-881e-8d76ec85a164 Delta Robot Solution 3-axis Delta 0.5kg NET200-GMC Yaskawa
Sigma-5 x 3
405bf936-43ed-492b-85be-4946e5f2142c MiniBOT Robot 6-axis
1kg NET200-GMC Sanyo Denki
PB Series x 6
d150eb79-b531-43ac-b7aa-99c44e3e87be SCARA Robot Solution 4-axis
6kg NET3500-GMC HIWIN D2 x 4
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