32-CH デジタル入力 EtherCAT スレーブモジュール
  • 主な特長
  • NEIO-B1101(Sink型)
  • NEIO-B1102(Sink / Source型)
  • 取り外し可能な端子台
  • オンモジュールLEDインジケータ
  • フレキシブルな取り付け方法 (ウォールマウントDINレール)
  • 24V DC電源
データシート (PDF)

NEIO-B1101 is a 32-channel PNP type digital input EtherCAT slave module. The voltage input of NEIO-B1101 is 24 VDC which complies with IEC-61131-2 Standard. NEIO-B1102 is a 32-channel PNP/NPN type digital input EtherCAT slave module. The input filter of NEIO-B1102 is 1ms, and its normal input voltage is 24 VDC. All of the NEIO modules are provided with high isolation protection, and verified by the EtherCAT conformance test tool. Therefore NEIO is a reliable module to implement in your applications.

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