Industrial Robot Controller

As the need for industrial robots continues to rise, so do the demands for components to complete a robotic solution. However, these components may vary between customers. To address the various requirements of different users, NexROBA presents a modular solution by offering separating components. The following table illustrates how different types of robot customers can be categorized, what components they may need, and how NexROBA provides modular solution to satisfy these needs.

製品 型式 CPU Chipset Digital I/O Software Support
5a518f51-a931-4184-b581-67c1673b9680 RCB 100 6th Gen
Core™ i7/i5/i3
H110 PCH
2/ 0/ 0/ 0 1 x PCIex16 Gen3
1 x miniPCIe
1 x SATA
aaaff44c-f0b2-4b65-97eb-b6b22639495f RCB 600 11th Gen
Intel® Core™
TGL-UP3 3/0/1/0 1 x mini-PCIe
2 x M.2 Key B
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