Motion Application Customization

Software Service on MAC / NET / PAC Series Platform
  • 主な特長
  • Integration service
  • Realtime motion control application on RTX
  • MA products software service
データシート (PDF)

NEXCOM Machine Automation products lines- MAC, Net, and PAC series platforms- can accommodate requirements of motion control devices and I/O devices. According to specific requests, we can offer solutions, which achieve the demands of best performance and cost effectiveness, in accomplishing your machine automation applications.


For RTX real-time motion control applications, in addition to regular RTX training, NEXCOM also offers full technical supports when user develops its own real-time application.


In motion control software service, NEXCOM service covers from consultation, development to production. For advanced applications, customers need programming your own software driver, and NEXCOM is ready to present diverse examples to demonstrate how to accomplish specific applications.

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