ToGazer 2.0

WebRTC-based Video Conferencing Tool
  • 主な特長
  • Multiple endpoints
  • Event scheduling
  • Desktop sharing
  • Group messaging
  • Email/notification
  • Whiteboard
  • Instant meeting
  • Single sign-on
  • Mobile device
  • Recording
データシート (PDF)

ToGazer 2.0 is a WebRTC-based video conferencing tool that can host multiple video conferences attended by audiences in different locations. Featuring rich functions including desktop sharing, file sharing, and whispering, NEXCOM ToGazer 2.0 allows much more than just video conferencing. Other applications of ToGazer 2.0 include interactive distance learning, family reunion, customer service, community interaction, and more.


Get together anytime, anywhere

NEXCOM ToGazer 2.0 offers web-based interactive video and audio system supporting multiple platforms, such as different browsers, mobile phones and tablets.


One place for all communication and collaboration needs

The "Community (free)" edition allows 4 people to join one meeting room for project collaboration discussions, focus group meetings, board meetings and all kinds of gatherings.


More than just a conference

With rich features including multi-point video conference, desktop-sharing, file-sharing and whispering, NEXCOM ToGazer 2.0 provides much more than conferencing, such as interactive distant learning, family reunion, customer service and community, to name a few.


Various product segments to meet different purposes

NEXCOM ToGazer 2.0 plans for a few segments to create different value propositions in the coming future. For the "Free Download" edition, it contains abundant features for individual & small-medium business. For the "Preload" edition, it provides best-in-class functions and more clients. The "Professional" edition is able to accommodate mass gathering. We ensure you get luxury package by an affordable price.



  • Multiple endpoints: Allow 1 conference session, 4 speakers and 10 audiences. (for Community version)
  • Event scheduling: Book the conference time and notice attendees in advance
  • Desktop sharing: Share the content of Desktop to the attendees
  • Group messaging: Able to send the message to all of the attendees in the meeting group
  • Email/notification: Able to use e-mail to notice attendees
  • Whiteboard: Shares a whiteboard across the attendees
  • Instant meeting: Able to hold the instant video conference meeting
  • Single sign-on: Terminates access to multiple software systems upon a single action of signing out
  • Mobile device: Supports iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Android Pad


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