PIS Solution

To simplify connections and cabling, NEXCOM provides a FULL HD HDMI Extender over IP system for public transport applications. This PIS solution extends HDMI signals over 100m, facilitating simpler and easier video broadcasting. The receiver also features an additional RJ-45 network port to function as an in-vehicle video DaisyChain extender. Moreover, multiple transmitters can deliver different videos over the same network, with a web interface available for signal selection.
製品 型式 Video Input Video Output Output Quantity Resolution
58a1c151-eed0-4686-9c6a-815935f78f0e VIP 1000 HDMI HDMI 2 Full HD
d6e9b84f-5f0b-4541-a63f-d091e9f2e4cc VIP 1000-R with
Ethernet HDMI 2 Full HD
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