NDiS B862 (販売終了)

Multi-Display Embedded Computer Powered by AMD R-series Dual/ Quad Processors
  • 主な特長
  • AMD R-series Platform
  • AMD Radeon™ E6760 GPU
  • Slim and compact design
  • 6 x HDMI
  • 2 x USB3.0 support
  • WLAN and TV tuner support
  • DirectX 11 support
  • Removable Fan Module
データシート (PDF)

NDiS B862 is specifically designed to address the need for application to present high quality contents on multiple displays. NDiS N862 provides six independent HDMI and dual USB3.0 and dual GbE Ethernet with optional WLAN. Powered by AMD Embedded R-Series APU and AMD E6760 GPU, NDiS B862 can smoothly playback multiple Full HD videos. NDiS B862 is an advanced media player for any applications to demonstrate high quality and high impact contents over multiple displays.

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