Instant Digital Shelf Solution Pack
  • 主な特長
  • PowerDigiS digital signage system
  • Pre-defined signage content triggered by facial analytics
  • Electronic Shelf Label changes dynamically based on gender/age
  • Self-contained device for easy deployment
データシート (PDF)

Instant Digital Shelf Solution includes PDSB 325, NDiS B535, 1080p camera, ESL base station, 2” ESL x 1, 4.4” ESL x 1, facial analytics software, and PowerDigiS signage software. High-definition camera is used to capture face characteristic of audience and send the data to NDiS B535 for further analysis and result gender/age data. Relevant signage content will be triggered based on the analysis result. Retailers can use electronic shelf labels to keep product information up to date and make minute-by-minute pricing changes.

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