Smart Shelf Solution
  • 主な特長
  • Pre-installed Quividi audience measurement software
  • Real-time response display- based on facial detecting results (numbers of viewers, age, gender)
  • Accessible cloud data analysis to understand customer behaviors- Builds informative dashboards, KPIs
データシート (PDF)

Smart Shelf Solution (SSS) which optimizes selling strategies for owners and increases customer satisfaction. NEXCOM Smart Self Solution was born to provide an ultimate solution. Audience analytics software package by Quividi VidiReports Pro, VidiCenter and PowerDigiS (optional). Statistics data report combining with smart shelf record can be accessed from Quividi Audience Analytics solution. All smart shelf content design can be done easily with PowerDigiS. The whole solution is perfect for increasing digital signage applications within retail outlets, convenient store, super market and warehouse resellers for dynamic message,delivering, advertising, or brand promotion.


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