Desktop - Soc Based Appliance

NEXCOM’s Network and Communication Solutions (NCS) Group has accumulated over a decade’s experience in non-x86 SoC platform development, ranging from Power PC- and MIPS-based architecture to ARM platforms. NCS has also globally produced and shipped industrial-grade and fanless firewalls, WiFi APs and xDSL routers for SMBs, and managed switches for enterprises plus critical infrastructure and telecom sectors.

製品 型式 CPU Chipset LAN Form Factor
cb626299-d3a6-48ef-97ce-3ed11bff82b4 PDTA 1370 LS1012A SoC N/A 1 x 1G combo por
4 x 1G copper port
b612d8f3-9539-4ad7-a76e-18eb24b8d575 PDTA 1372 LS1043A N/A 1 x 1G combo port
1 x 1G copper port
4 x 1G copper por
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