Core Competency

Core Competency

Quick and Extensive Software Development

In-vehicle Computer Software SolutionTo meet the ever-increasing complex requirements in vehicle and railway industries, NEXCOM not only provides hardware solutions, but also software integration. Delivering value-added software at all levels of the solution chain, ranging from the lower hardware level to the top application level, NEXCOM software integration includes firmware, BIOS, SDK, drivers, Qt (GUI and Linux), apps (Android) and software applications (video surveillance). NEXCOM differentiates from other competitors by offering value-added features specifically designed for vertical applications. For example, intelligent auto. is one successful software application developed in the Android OS to assist customers in working with CAN bus, RFID, iButton, tracking, GPS and 3G/LTE communication functions. The intelligent auto. application offers a development example that helps customers to easily and quickly develop customized software in the Android OS.

In-vehicle Computer superb EMC, thermal, shock and vibration resistant designOutstanding Mechanical and Electronic Design

The design of vehicle telematics and mobile data terminal requires meticulous attention to details due to complex electronic equipment inside cars and trains, as well as the rugged and extreme environments where the vehicles travel in. To offer a trusted and reliable solution, NEXCOM's vehicle telematics systems adopt a unique mechanical structure designed to offset the impact of severe vibration and shock to survive in extreme working environments, while keeping a compact form factor to fit into limited spaces. Furthermore, to avoid interference from electronic equipment in cars and trains, NEXCOM's vehicle telematics systems integrate rugged hardware and durable mechanical designs to lower EMI or EMS, which is important for securing equipment operation and human safety when cars or trains are on the move.

Integration Turns Computer Box into Operational Intelligence

System integration is the technical convergence of different discrete hardware modules and software, working together in synergy to deliver a complete bundled solution. NEXCOM adds value to the computer system by integrating off-the-shelf software, such as the NVR management software, to help customers save the time in searching and evaluating a suitable software solution. With integrated software and hardware, NEXCOM can bring real-time intelligence on board to any vehicles. For example, by putting an NVR board with VMS software inside the computer system and synergizing all the features of NEXCOM's rugged hardware and add-on software, the vehicle computer can transform into powerful integrated systems with added functionalities such as micro servers, mobile NVRs, and data loggers. NEXCOM also retains the flexibility in function expansions. Different discrete modules are available to allow rapid deployment of feature expansions. NEXCOM's full array of flexible add-ons includes PoE switch, 3G module, dual CAN module, OBDII module, SAE J1939/J1708 module, internal/external back-up battery and IP protection kit to interface with different subsystems and provide protection against unexpected power outages and external physical impact.

NEXCOM's value-added integration turns computer box into business intelligence

The Modular Benefit

Embedded applications have all kinds of different requirements. It is important to offer a wide variety of selections to support the growing diversity of different applications. NEXCOM's modular approach enables faster, easier and more efficient customization of standard products to unique user needs. This modularity benefit provides users with a convenient way to easily select and customize suitable I/O modules or expansion modules for their unique requirements or vertical market applications. These I/O modules and expansion modules are also designed to be easily installed through simple pull-out and plug-in process.


I/O modules or expansion modules can be customized or replaced without changing anything else in the computer system, saving the need to validate the rest of the system functions besides the new modules. If any new specification or further enhancement is required, the modules can be individually upgraded before being reintroduced into the same computer system.

The removable plug-in design provides a convenient way to install I/O and expansion modules without extra effort


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