In-vehicle Surveillance Solutions

In-vehicle Surveillance Solutions

Video surveillance is a critical aspect in vehicles for protecting driver and passenger safety, as well as the public safety. A solid video surveillance system must be comprehensive in the areas of video capture, transmission, display, storage and management. By implementing GPS and mobile network technology, video surveillance systems can empower remote video monitoring in real-time. In addition, with advanced video analytics algorithms, video surveillance systems can provide Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR), Longstop Object Detection (LOD) and Driver Behavior Monitoring (DBM) to avoid traffic accidents, and Human Facial Recognition (HFR) to assist crime prevention.

Surveillance System Fulfills the Complete Needs of In-Vehicle Safety & Remote Video Management

Successful Factors

  • Various NVRs for multiple vehicle surveillance applications
  • Video management software for both vehicle site and control center site
  • Video analytics to empower intelligent surveillance
  • High resolution IP camera with video stabilizer to capture high quality video
  • Industrial grade Gigabit PoE switch for reliable PSE & network connection
  • Rugged touchscreen for in-vehicle monitoring

NEXCOM's Strengths

In-house designed products and solutions oriented for vehicle applications to fulfill diverse in-vehicle surveillance requirements.


NEXCOM NCm series of IP cameras supports 1080p video capturing at 60fps and NVR integration with the NANO series of standalone NVRs and the VTC series of open platform NVRs through the VES30 series of PoE switches. Direct on-screen video monitoring is made possible and easy through the VMD series of rugged touchscreens connected to the NANO and VTC NVRs. Furthermore, the NVRs support WWAN connectivity to empower cloud computing, video analytics, and remote video management.


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