Intelligent eBus Solutions

Intelligent eBus Solutions

Smart buses provide a solution to the increasing traffic and the demand for streamlined public transportation services. Smart buses offer passengers a convenient and efficient means of traveling, and help bus operators to consolidate fleet management, facilitate daily operations, improve safety and enhance the traveling experience.


Equipped with advanced computing, wireless communication, and global navigation satellite system (GNSS), smart buses can be monitored and co-ordinated meticulously to ensure bus services are performing within standards. In addition, real-time live surveillance and video analytics of bus fleets can be implemented to respond to emergency events and ensure security and safety of drivers and passengers. Furthermore, smart buses can monitor and collect data such as driving behavior and passenger flows, giving bus operators insights into its fleet operation and allowing them to make service improvements or timetable rearrangements when necessary.

Smart Buses Set to Make Journeys Safer, Greener & Fun

Successful Factors

  • On schedule bus arrival and departure times
  • Smooth communication capability between buses/stations and bus operators
  • Flexible bus dispatching for unexpected passenger flow congestion
  • Effortless integration of discrete onboard devices
  • Reduce environmental impacts and fuel cost
  • Ensure passenger safety and prevent accidents
  • Monitor driving behavior and apply performance improvements

NEXCOM's Strengths

  • NEXCOM's solutions enable bus operators to improve travel safety and comfort for passengers with integrated passenger information system, video surveillance and precise bus schedules
  • Vehicle maintenance cost and fuel consumption can be reduced significantly through real-time monitoring of driver behavior and vehicle health via a variety of sensors and OBDII/CAN bus
  • Efficient operation management and unsurpassed passenger experience are guaranteed with enhanced wireless communication and GNSS tracking capability


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