Logistics Solutions

Logistics Solutions

Fleet, port and warehouse management are the key activities in logistics. To address these three areas, NEXCOM offers three series of vehicle computing and display solutions—the Vehicle Telematics Computer (VTC) series, the Vehicle Mount Display (VMD) series, and the Vehicle Mount Computer (VMC) series—each with a customer-driven design to ensure needs are met. For example, the VMC series implements GPS, RFID and wireless functions to allow precise tracking and control of forklifts. Operators can take advantage of this accurate location tracking to calculate which route can transport goods in less time, which can also result in less fuel consumption. Additionally, the RFID function can assist operators in the administration of inventory, improving accuracy and accelerating workflow.

Increasing Production & Profitability from Easy, Productive & Reliable Logistics

Successful Factors

  • Monitor and maintain vehicle health
  • Plan routes more correctly and in time
  • Provide water and dust protection
  • Be able to work reliably in harsh environments, such as dust and water prone areas, or on bumpy roads
  • Provide more accurate and effective inventory management to maximize warehouse space

NEXCOM's Strengths

  • NEXCOM's vehicle telematics technology can monitor vehicle conditions, and let drivers know if the vehicle needs to be repaired in advance. This is beneficial for the operators as well, allowing them to maintain vehicle health and dispatch the right vehicles for the job more quickly and efficiently
  • NEXCOM's in-vehicle computers and displays support various compact add-on devices for vehicle tracking and management of stocks. This tracking can assist the operators to work more efficiently by mapping the most appropriate route
  • Encompass robust housing to withstand extreme heat and cold, rainy and dusty conditions, and feature special durable connectors to provide rigid connections on tough and rugged roads


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