Passenger Signage Solutions

Passenger Signage Solutions
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In recent years, digital signage is becoming more prevalent in transport industry and is considered as an effective tool to manage passengers flow. Not only crucial information can be delivered to passengers in real-time via digital signage, it also generates substantial revenue for transport operators as well as advertisement agencies.

Maximize Transit Revenue with Real-time Infomercial Exposure 

At airport, train station or bus stop, digital signage improves travel experience by serving a variety of functions including time table display, service status, public announcement, and way-finding. To operators, centralized digital screens would enable them to manage traffics within terminals more effortlessly and guide passengers to their destination dynamically. Moreover, with aid of the cutting-edge technology from graphics and Ultra HD (4K2K), eye-catching displays help to attract audiences' attention and boost sales from the advertisement.


Not limited to indoor uses, digital signage also increases its presence in semi-outdoor, and even outdoor condition. At bus stop, passenger information display systems (PIDS) present not only real-time information such as arrival schedule for passengers, but also serves as public bulletin boards to deliver public announcements and much more.

Successful Factors

In mission critical applications such as FIDS and PIDS, system reliability is the key to keep up service consistency and reduce maintenance effort to minimum. Centralized and proactive hardware remote monitoring technology like Intel® Active Management Technology (iAMT) could significantly minimize system downtime and accomplish faster, more effective response to failure call. Furthermore, to avoid interruption in daily operation, there is increasing trend to adopt modulized OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) to facilitate maintenance as well as to enable hassle-free deployment.


NEXCOM also provides solutions for wide-temperature outdoor applications that are capable of operating the pre-sell menu boards under extreme weather conditions. For enhanced customer experience, NEXCOM offers a cutting-edge solution integrated with facial recognition software, allowing the system to offer customer's favorite menu, improve customer satisfaction, and create the interactive dinning experience.


Again, to accommodate to harsh outdoor operating conditions at bus stops, system's capability to operate under high temperature condition must be addressed strongly.

NEXCOM's Strengths

Catering to fast growing demand for reliable, market-proven digital signage solutions for transportation applications, NEXCOM runs dedicated teams from mechanical design, software programming to technical support to serve the industry seamlessly, not to mention ruggedized, fanless industrial design for improved durability to fit into indoor and outdoor environments. Rich I/O ports are equipped for smooth integration with LCD displays as well as external devices. Moreover, in response to the need for centralized hardware management in large scale deployment, iAMT & DASH remote monitoring features are available in NEXCOM platforms, with which customers can integrate to their existing or new central management backend with the development kit provided.


Last but not least, with vision to provide end-to-end digital signage solutions to transport industry, NEXCOM does not merely serve as a hardware platform manufacturer, but also provides bundled turnkey solutions to achieve quick deployment for operators in each specific transport sectors.

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