Public Services Solutions

Public Services Solutions

Unbalanced utilization of vehicles often hampers peak performance of critical public services such as police, ambulance, fire protection, waste management, municipal services and airport ground handling. To offer fast, efficient and on schedule public services, vehicles on the field need to be connected and managed by the IT systems in service centers. Using telematics-based fleet management, service centers can establish a reliable real-time connection to fleets, allowing operators to monitor vehicle conditions and fleet operations, dispatch vehicles and respond to emergency issues. This well-planned solution can also enable service centers to identify any idle or overused resources so that optimizations can be made to the public services.


In-vehicle computers are one of the most important core components in this IT system. NEXCOM's in-vehicle computers integrate WWAN and WLAN communication and real-time satellite positioning to deliver an always-on, always-visible connection. Combined with the ability to further integrate with vehicle sensors such as siren, fuel and door sensors, in-vehicle computers can provide up-to-date status information and location to service centers, allowing operators to identify and respond to events remotely.

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Successful Factors

  • High processing performance for sophisticated software applications
  • Multi-communication methods connecting to the inside of a vehicle and to the outside service centers
  • Rich I/O for interfacing with sensors
  • Robust design for outdoor in-vehicle computing applications
  • Precise and real-time positioning system
  • Compact size to fit in limited in-vehicle space

NEXCOM's Strengths

  • NEXCOM's in-vehicle computer VTC series equips high performance to provide customers powerful computing capability to process big data analytics
  • Strong wired and wireless communication capability on NEXCOM's VTC and VMC series brings the IoT into reality
  • Ruggedized mechanical design on the VTC and VMC series allows a reliable 24/7 operation in extreme and outdoor environments


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