Railway Solutions

Railway Solutions

Rail transportation systems fitted with modern telematics offer a smart technological approach to enabling a safe, efficient and economical railway operation.


With global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), wireless data communication and computerized processing of sensor-generated data, railway telematics can collect, process and share vital information such as positioning, vehicle health and railway line data. Operators can leverage these information as a tool to accurately track rolling stock positions, identify traffic events and measure railway performance to improve the safety and efficiency of the entire railway operations.

Make Every Journey Safe, Reliable & Sustainable with Innovative Railway Telematics

Successful Factors

  • Reliable wireless communication to transmit data correctly and timely
  • Powerful system performance to process big data, such as video from surveillance
  • Precise positioning of the railway train
  • Tough housing design to work on railroads and in harsh environments
  • Be able to expand functionality according to customers' needs, such as alert alarm and people counting

NEXCOM's Strengths

  • Provide diverse platforms with wireless communication and sensor technology for railway operators to capture all the required data on the rolling stock vehicle
  • Integrate latest computing technology into a single onboard gateway to handle any front-end data processing
  • All NEXCOM's solutions embed powerful satellite based positioning technology to make sure railway operators get precise and timely location tracking to maximize fleet operations
  • Robust and reliable design helps railway operators to deploy onboard gateways in any harsh environment with tremendous maintenance cost savings


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