Raw Material Management

Raw Material Management

In the primary sector, the use of smart raw material management with modern technology and business intelligence is becoming ever more important in providing energy-efficient food production. The global warming has given rise to the food resource crisis and placed the agriculture industry under great pressure; agriculturists need more efficient methods to maximize harvest yields in decreasing arable land. Using in-vehicle computers integrated with GPS and sensor technology, farming equipment can be steered automatically with turn-by-turn navigations without missing an area in the crop field and with improved seed and fertilizer distribution.


On the other hand, in the mining sector, modern mining management systems use a central dispatch controller to monitor all truck and equipment activities within a mine operation. Events such as trucks travelling out of the predefined route or falling behind schedule can be identified in real-time, allowing central dispatch to immediately send on-screen alerts to drivers' vehicle mount computers to take corrective actions. In addition, job reassignments such as dispatching new tasks to drivers can be centrally managed and allocated in real-time to improve mining operations.

Raising Efficiency of Public Services Gives Users Timely & Complete Safety

Successful Factors

  • Position accuracy determines the effectiveness of location-based functions such as dispatching and asset tracking
  • Stay connected to the control center and be able to receive real-time work instructions on a trusted human machine interface
  • Robust design for long-lasting use in harsh outdoor operating conditions
  • In-vehicle systems that enable intelligent management and measurement of workload input and output, work efficiency, harvest quality and operating costs
  • Real-time KPI reporting for back-end business intelligence to lower the total cost of ownership
  • Allocate resources and make strategic decisions accordingly based on real-time data

NEXCOM's Strengths

  • Reliable systems with rugged LCD touch screens, built-in processors, WWAN, WLAN communication and GPS tracking capabilities
  • Versatile designs with multiple expansion capabilities to meet a variety of connectivity and control applications
  • The VMC series equips robust mechanical system design with added dust and water intrusion protection, and IP-rated rugged panel displays
  • The VMC series supports a variety of voltage inputs for different types of vehicles


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